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Gastronimic Temptations

Cold cuts from Cilento (az. "Salumificio Tomeo") and cheeses (az. "La Bottega del Formaggio") served with breadsticks, taralli and homemade jam.

Six types if Cheese, italian and international. Served with breadsticks, taralli and homemade jam.



Buffalo's Blue, Blue di Bufala, parsley, capers and homemade mayo.

Red Shrimps' Tàrtare with yougurt and lemon peels.

Tzaziki sauce, cucumbers and sea's fennel.

Tuna Tartàre with "Stracciata di Bufala", Cilento's acquasale and bittersweet onions.


The Focacces

Wheat flour with basil's pesto, Speck (Alto Adige IGP.), French Brie and Olive Oil EVO.

Arugula, fresh tomatoes, mayo, Parma's prosciutto DOP and Parmesan cheese DOP.

Naples salami, grilled zuchini and Parmesan cheese DOP.


gourmet sandwiches

Beef Hamburger 200gr, Mayonnaise, tomatoes, crunchy lettuce, Buffalo scamorza's cheese (smoked cheese), BBQ sauce, baked potatoes.

Beef Hamburger 200gr, grilled eggplants, rolled bacon, Pecorino cheese's flakes, Mayo.


panini gourmet

Crema al blue di Bufala Buffalo's Blue cheese, grilled pumpkin spicy, Veal's burger, bacon, nuts cream.

Veal's burger, Nduja, caciocavallo (cheese), Tropea's onions, lettuce and mayo.

Veal's burger, scamorza's cheese, lettuce. pistachio and bologna.



Cod, tzaziki sauce, escarole, anchovy and olive's cream.

Red Tuna Tartàre, yogurt sauce, lettuce, goat's cacioricotta (cheese), basil.

Craft Beers

Craft beer is served in glass, has a temperature not compatible with the term icy. The foam is essential to release the aromas enclosed in it.

Craft Beers

birra del borgo

Lager Style, light - 4.7% Vol.

Ipa Style, light - 6.4% Vol.

India Pale Ale Style, Brown - 6.4% Vol.

Belgian Strong Ale Style, Brown - 6.4% Vol.

Craft Beers


Golden Ale Style, light - 5.9% Vol.

Golden Ale Style, light - 4.9% Vol.

Weiss Style - 5.2% Vol.

Strong Ale Style smoked, Amber-coloured - 5.2% Vol.

American Pale Ale Style - 4.7% Vol.

Spritz and More

Moscato Wine in ice and Flower's flavours.

Cilento's White Wine, Aperol and soda.

Prosecco Treviso DOC, Aperol and soda.

Prosecco Treviso DOC, Campari Bitter, soda.

Spritz and More

Moscato dei Cavalieri, Aperol, Soda.

Prosecco Millesimato, Campari Bitter, Vodka Sky, Soda and Lime.

Altemasi trento DOC 2012, Red Bitter Carlo Alberto and soda.

Gin Bankes, Campari Bitter, Vermouth Rosso.

Spritz and More

Gin Bickens Premium Pink, Aperol, Cinzano Vermouth rosso, orange peal.

Vodka selection, Premium Tonica.

Gin selection, Premium Tonica.

White Tequila Espòlon, Pink Grapefruit Thomas Henry and Lime.

Spritz and More

Rum bianco, J.Wray Jamaica, Schweppes Lemon, lime and mint.

Vodka Sky, Ginger Beer and Lime.

Jamaica Rum, Ginger Beer, Lime and Jamaican pepper.

Gin Bankes, Ginger Beer, Lime.

Spritz and More

Whisky burbon, Campari bitter, Red Vermont and Orange peal.

Wild Turkey 80, Ginger Beer, Orange peal.

Rum Plantation, Ginger beer, citrus peal.

Spritz and More

Turin's Red Bitter ”Del Professore”, Holland red bitter “Del Professore”, Gin La Madame “Del Professore”.

Myrtle flavored Red Vermouth “Macchia”, Traditional Red Bitter “Macchia”, Sardinian Dry Gin “Macchia".

Organic Drinks & Bio

From the Chinotto's infusion from Slow Food in Savona, the national Italian drink, dark coloured and a full and intense taste, it's obtained from a skillful balance between caramel and Citrus Fruits.

This carbonated drink from 1700's England. It's obtained from water, selected yeasts, sugar and ginger extracted from the roots of the "zingiber" from Central Africa. Perfect if mixed with excellent spirits but served alone is a refreshing and enjoyable drink.

Sensual and spiced sparkling drink because of the Bergamotto in it, ginger and brown sugar caramelized. Refreshing but with a sweet, fruity taste, an ideal substitute for the classics appetizers.

Organic Drinks & Bio

This drink contains natural quinine extracted from South America. Historically born in the English colonies of India and Africa, is a balanced drink, with a bitter, pleasant and relaxing taste.

Made with the nuts of the Cola tree (cola acuminata and cola nitida) of biological origin. The only addiction is brown sugar for emphasize the refreshing taste. Cola has exciting properties (Caffeine) and is widely used in many African regions as a stimulant, especially in Nigeria, the place where the mith of the Cola comes from.

This drink is the result of a careful selection of lemons with organic origins. Delicate balance between acidity and sweetness given from the addition of organic brown sugar.

Bio Fruit Juices

What does Bio mean? Fruit juices from organic farming obtained without the use of preservatives, additives and dyes.

DOf great digestibility, the pear is a great antioxidant, diuretic. Also very refreshing.

The orange represents the symbolic fruit of health with a rich supply of vitamins and minerals. Oranges are also important for the restoration of the collagen's connective tissue.

The Orange is the fruit that characterizes Winter, ensuring an excellent source of Vitamin C. The Carrot is a vegetable with a high content of Vitamin A. The organic Lemons of Sicily are sweet and with antioxidant elements.

Bio Fruit Juices

ROSSI 100%

The blueberry contains various elements such as tannins, sugars, minerals, flavonoids, vitamins A, C and Group B, mirtillin, thus making it an excellent ally for the treatment of circulatory disorders against capillary fragility.

The grains of this delicious autumns' fruit contain vitamin C, polyphenols, fiber, proteins, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium and iron: all nutrients that make the Pomegranate a real panacea for your health.

Hot Tea


Fennel and Licorice are the responsible in this herbal tea for their well-known deflating and digestive properties. Especially suitable for soothing the feeling of fullness after large meals.

It helps to regulate the intestinal functions gently. It's made of lemon balm, verbena, sage, lemon grass, lemon peel, currant, petals of Calendula.

A blend of herbs with relaxing properties for the mind. Made of: rose, Karkadè dianco (chalice of the Hibiscus flower), linden flowers and bracts, chamomile, pink rose petals. In the aroma can be clearly distinguished feelings of strawberries and peaches.

Hot Tea


Blend of herbs with strong balsamic properties; green tea, fennel seeds, licorice's root, dandelion, grass root, mint, nettle and artichoke.

Roiboos, also called red tea, comes from the process of a shrub that grows mainly in South Africa. Caffeine-free, It's considered as a great source of antioxidants. This blend of herbs is accompanied by guarana, rosebuds and ginger.

Blend of herbs that help to eliminate the excess of abdominal gas. Active properties come from the presence of ginger root, lemon and orange zest in peel.

Hot Tea

Classic black tea with blueberries, red currants, leaves of currant; an intense and soft taste.

Green tea is a type of exclusively composed tea from leaves of "Camellia Sinensis" of Chinese origin. It expresses flowery aromas with a decidedly taste fresh.

English breakfast is a blend of tea from Assam, Ceylon and Kenya. This variety of tea is characterized by having a full and powerful taste.

SSelection of fine black tea enriched with Buds of withered flowers.

Cold Tea

The refreshing flavour of the Santal's Lemon and Peach Tea to enjoy by yourself or with your friends.

  • Lemon or Peach Tea
  • € 3.00

Tasty Temptations


  • Limoncello
  • € 3.00
  • Finocchietto
  • € 3.00
  • Licorice
  • € 3.00
  • Meloncello
  • € 3.00
  • Pistachio's cream
  • € 3.00
  • Figs's Liquor from Cilento
  • € 3.00
  • Amaro Castellabate
  • € 3.00

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